Since more than 40 years, we are working side by side with our customers to study, develop and produce custom-shaped aluminium extruded profiles.

Our history began with a small extrusion press by 600 tons capacity (annual production output 2000 tons) suitable to produce tiny section profiles with thickness as small as 0,8 mm with narrow dimensional tolerances. Nowadays, equipped with 5 extrusion presses, our company produces more than
40.000 tons / p.a of high precision profiles.

Our experience, our capabilities and our cutting edge technology plant allow us to produce a wide range of sections. Our press (P6) has 4400 tons extrusion capacity and produces profiles of large dimensions, with a maximum weight of over 30 kg/m, length up to 18 m in length and in different alloys included the hard ones.

Every new project is a technical challenge and an opportunity to grow for our company. We team up with our customers to achieve their vision, to accomplish their engineered section and to realize all their innovative products.


Estral Prospettiva 2

An industrial Group at your service


Since 1974 our business expertises, engineer skills and our staff professionalism are dedicated to assist customers in projecting, developing and manufacturing their high quality products.

We dispose of modern systems, technologically and high advanced plants with high productivity.

To ensure quality, service and a constant supply of raw material we manage the complete production chain by controlling directly two companies in the aluminium sector, an industrial and a commercial one.




a leading remelter company which produces over 60.000 tons/p.a of extrusion billets.



a leading trading company which sells from its warehouse more than 4.000 tons/p.a of aluminium extruded profiles just in time.

Presses and automation


We verify the product making process step by step in order to produce and supply high quality extrusion profiles taking particular care of handling and packaging.


The set up of advanced automatic packaging lines allows to improve dramatically the quality of the
extrusion profiles resulting in a reduction of scraps and a better efficiency.
Last generation packaging lines eliminate every direct handling from the extrusion to the packaging.


1.350 tons 155mm billet´s diameter
1.950 tons 178mm billet´s diameter
2.500 tons 203mm billet´s diameter
2.800 tons 203mm billet´s diameter
4.400 tons 254mm billet´s diameter

Quality and ethic Code

We meet our customer’s high quality requirements due to our skilled staff and our technologically advanced labs where we can perform many different kinds of sampling on our profiles both mechanical and chemical.


Our presses are equipped with software able to scan the profiles section.
Artificial vision devices perform quality control comparing the section of the profile being extruded with its model and developing detailed reports.


In 1995 Estral S.p.A. obtained the certification of its quality system according to the standard UNI EN ISO 9002. Today our quality system is certified by TÜV Italy in accordance with the requirements of the standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

In 2014 Estral S.p.A has obtained the environmental certification UNI EN ISO 14001 and the CE Certificate Factory Production Control in accordance with EU Regulation 305/2011.



Furthermore Estral has adopted an Organizational Behavior Model in respect to the current international norms about health and safety at work (BS OHSAS 18001).



One of the most important qualities of aluminium is its ENDLESS RECYCLABILITY.


Aluminium is suitable for myriad applications and can be reused, thanks to its qualities: lightweight, electrical conductivity, non-toxicity, absence of magnetism, durability, workability, etc.


Its recovery and recycling, apart from avoiding the need to mine bauxite, means saving 95% of the energy required to produce it starting from the raw material: to obtain 1kg of aluminium from bauxite are required 14kWh of energy, while you only need just 0,7kWh energy to obtain 1kg of recycled aluminium.


Recycled aluminium has the same properties as the one obtained from the first fusion and can be used for all consumer goods.


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