Scraps recycling allows to play an important ecological role: in the foundry the environmental protection is an integral part of the structure, of its manufacturing process and all its products. Our foundry is equipped with an analysis laboratory and a computer-based control service on site to verify alloys in all their elements and characteristics to issue analysis certificates.


Thanks to its internal billets production, Estral Group is able to supply a certificated and excellent metal, in total respect of the environment and ensuring a constant placing of raw materials.






EN AW-1070 A
EN AW-6463
EN AW-6101
EN AW-6063 A
EN AW-6060
EN AW-6063
EN AW-6061
EN AW-6005 A
EN AW-3103
EN AW-6005
EN AW-5005 A
EN AW-6082

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