Custom- shaped aluminium extruded profiles


Custom-shaped aluminum extruded profiles since 1974

We are a vertically integrated group, made up of 3 companies able to provide a 360° service, assisting our customers in all production phases. Our experience, our capability and our cutting-edge technology are dedicated to assist customers in manufacturing their custom-shaped high-quality products. At our foundry Deral S.p.A., we produce billets starting from the collection, selection and melting of scrap. In Estral S.p.A., with 5 extrusion presses, we produce extruded profiles, in different alloys, for all aluminium application sectors. The storage of the profiles at Alu-Brixia S.r.l. completes the offer of the service, which becomes fast and efficient.

Technology and advising

Complete management of the production chain

Our Head Offices houses modern, advanced and high productivity plants. To ensure quality, service and a constant supply of raw material, we manage the complete production chain by controlling directly two companies in the aluminium sector.

About us

45000 tons/years

Annual extrusion capacity


The perfect solution for any application

We are a point of reference for both small and large extruded profiles such as mosquito nets, sun protection, automotive, construction, mechanics. Our versatility and our ability to adapt to your specific requests allow us to offer the highest quality. Bear always in mind that we are your suppliers, never your competitors.

Application Fields

520 tons

CO2 saved by PV system


Ecology is our strong point

We’re deeply eco-friendly: in our foundry we recycle aluminium scraps giving them new life and respecting the environment. Its recovery and recycling, apart from avoiding the need to mine bauxite, means saving 95% of the energy required to produce it starting from the raw material.